Front is one of eight leading designers invited to The Garden of Wonders. A Journey Through Scents project, which uses design to interpret the experience of perfume. The installation will run throughout Expo Milano 2015, and has a special preview during the Milan Design Week. Front has designed an installation composed of hundreds of programmable lights, like an exploded LED screen. It creates constantly shifting forms out of points of light floating in the air to evoke the scent particles of perfume.

Front designed the bottle for the Parisian perfume brand Guyla, taking inspiration from its beautiful bottle from the 1920s, which was was shaped like a champagne flute. Front has made a double-walled bottle in the shape of an inverted champagne glass. The fragrance is contained between the two layers of glass, to allow the bottle to be lit from the inside.

The cupboard is an object decorated by nature. The metal tracery gives the cupboard a transparency, and also creates a frame for plants and flowers to climb.