House of Ferment for Grizedale

Grizedale Arts is an art institution in the UK, working with different artists from all around the world.  
We were asked to make an artwork that would also be an object to host all the artpieces in the exhibition. 
The theme of the show - House of Ferment - was relating to various cultures surrounding food. 
We made a structure that related to the old traditional larder in Scandinavia: a hole made in a hill with a door which creates a natural and stable climate all year around. The Grizedale Art foundation is situated on a hill in the Lake District in the north of England, surrounded by strikingly tall cliffs.  The topography of this mountain gave form to the outside of the cupboard and on the inside we created a stucture of shelves which resembels an old Victorian larder. The copper on the outside will be treated to oxidise into a green Verdigris, so with time it will resemble the mountain top even more. House of Ferment is an ongoing travelling exhibition.