Tetris for Horreds

With the storage system Tetris , you can create your own unique piece of furniture. The modules, available in two sizes, can be mounted portrait or landscape and the varied depths making it possible to build furniture with an embossed effect that makes Tetris stands out in the room. Colors, handles and legs can be varied in almost endless combinations. Tetris can be wall mounted, placed on walls or become walls if placed freestanding as a room divider.

- We want you as a customer to be able to design your own furniture. A storage unit has many tasks to complete and with Tetris, you can choose between an open box that works great as a bookcase, a display cabinet with glass doors, or you can create a highly flexible workspace with the retractable desk. The choice of the various materials like felt, copper, leather, brass and steel offers can make Tetris a personal piece of furniture. Everything from large, convenient devices for the office to small and fun furniture for your home can be created with the system. You just have to mix and build!

Front and Horreds have created the conditions - now it's your turn to build!