Wallpaper for Eco

The collection for Eco Wallpaper consists of nine wallpapers with hand-drawn patterns and shadows against a white ground, creating an illusion of depth and structure. Anna explains how the process of developing the collection began with the group taking scissors to several rolls of wallpaper. "We were inspired by the paper itself and wanted the paper to give a three-dimensional texture to the walls. We looked at the history of wallpapers and found lots of inspiration there. Wallpaper has its origin in textiles, so for the pattern Weave we cut ribbons of the paper and wove them together. To create the final pattern of each design we made a pencil drawing where all the shades and gradients were showing the textures. Another idea was the stripe, which has not been in fashion since the 1980s. We created a cut stripe that can be layered over a whole wall creating a three-dimensional textured surface." Front cut, wove and folded paper into shapes and then sketched them. They tried out variations, experimenting with shapes that are both discreet enough to remain in the background (as wallpaper should), yet, at the same time, stand out with a hint of three-dimensionality. "One aim was to create a light wallpaper pattern that wouldn t make the room darker. We think many people just paint their walls white by default. We want to inspire people to have wallpaper instead and still have brightness in the room." The new collection for Eco Wallpapers by Front has nine different patterns. The Drapery pattern, for example, looks like a billowing draped paper, "Square" like layers of notes and the "Dots" is like confetti sprinkled on the walls. A collection that gives your room character and the walls texture through detailed pencil drawings of shadow and light on white pieces of paper.